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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions in Use of Gramatnica.lv

 1 Sellers must not:
 1.1 Put up for sale any nonexistent books.
 1.2 Put up for sale anything that is not a book.
 1.3 Use transliteration and/or ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in a book's description.
 1.4 Add any images that are not related to a given book.
 1.5 Add any misleading or false information about a given book.
 1.6 Leave negative feedback on a buyer for no substantial reason.
 1.7 Alter a given book's price or delivery costs after it has been reserved by a buyer.
 1.8 Send spam messages, advertise any products, services, send chain letters, place any other promotional materials in any way or form.
 2 Sellers are obliged to:
 2.1 Answer the questions received from potential buyers.
 2.2 Settle the details of the deal with the buyer.
 2.3 Leave objective feedback on the buyer upon completing the deal.
 2.4 Remove the book in case it has been sold outside Gramatnica.lv or is no longer available for whatever reason.
 2.5 Inform the Gramatnica.lv administration of any observed violations.
 3 Buyers must not:
 3.1 Refuse to actually buy a given book after confirming the purchase, when the seller has observed all the rules.
 3.2 Leave negative feedback on a seller for no substantial reason.
 3.3 Send spam messages, advertise any products, services, send chain letters, place any other promotional materials in any way or form.
 4 Buyers are obliged to:
 4.1 Contact the seller prior to the purchase to resolve any uncertainties regarding the condition and price of the book, and the means and costs of delivery.
 4.2 Having confirmed the purchase, decide with the selller on how to receive the book.
 4.3 Pay the seller for the book in the previously agreed way.
 4.4 Having finished the purchase, leave objective feedback on the seller.
 5 The Gramatnica.lv administration retains the rights to the following:
 5.1 Move a book to a different category or subcategory, without informing the seller beforehand.
 5.2 In the event of violating any of the above points, remove a book or delete the owner's profile without prior warning.
 5.3 In case of repeated violations, temporarily suspend or altogether delete a user's account
 6 The oservation of the above terms and conditions is mandatory of all sellers and buyers and may be changed without prior warning. It is the user's responsibility to regularly follow the updates to the terms and conditions.

Last updated: March 1, 2009

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